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Study Business Administration in International Trading

Program Overview:

This program provides an extensive knowledge in the field of:

  • Accounting concepts and their applications
  • Business principles and management
  • Computer-based applications
  • Communication skills
  • Marketing

Teachers at TIBC are experienced in the field of business and are dedicated to teaching these fundamental and important subjects to the students as they are necessary for making the students experts in the area of Business Administration in International Trading to get the diploma in business management in Canada. They have spent a great deal of time in drafting the modules of the curriculum.

Business Administration diploma is specifically created according to the needs of the market. The course boosts the confidence and the knowledge of the students to succeed in their careers. The training and knowledge in the areas of import, export, international marketing, and the most important of all, entrepreneurship cater to the needs of today’s employers. The program is best suited for the students who aspire to be an entrepreneur and run a business.

Additionally, the program covers other aspects of the business such as legal, finance, strategizing and implementing business plans, research, and manufacturing. It is vital to understand the financial position of a business, its operations and cash flows and its compliance with GAAP.

The students get the opportunity to understand and organize financial and non-financial information, which enables them to determine the cost structure of a business.


This program gets completed in 71 weeks and you get a detailed knowledge about the field of international trading. During these 71 weeks, you are educated through classroom learning and computer-based learning.

Program Information:

This diploma in business management in Canada provides you with a global business perspective and it broadens your career options. The students in this business college Scarborough campus can learn various applications and gain knowledge through classroom activities and practicals.

You can learn the modules like:

  • Business planning
  • Legal fundamentals
  • Accounting fundamentals
  • Essentials of business communication
  • Essentials of human resources management
  • Principles of marketing
  • Principles of manufacturing
  • Technology in business

Besides the modules, you will be imparted training on the technical aspects.


At Toronto International Business College, one of the best community colleges in Canada, you are trained through the latest technology used in the current market. You get involved in various field trips to avail the practical work experience. It enables to enrich your resume with such activities.

Career Outcomes:

After completing a Diploma in Business Administration in International Trading from one of the best business colleges in Ontario Canada, the students can be employed in various governmental and non-governmental organizations for the role of:

  • Office Administrator
  • Planning Officer
  • Office Manager
  • Business Trader
  • Office Services Co-coordinator
  • Logistics Manager
  • Global Sales Manager
  • Import Export Coordinator
  • Category Buyer
  • Trading House Agent
  • Inventory Planner

These job roles enable the students to acquire the professional experience and they can realize their long-term careers.

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