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Explore the Top 17 Job Profiles For Personal Support Workers

Jobs after Personal Support Worker Course in TIBC

We live very fast lives where we don’t have the time for each other. It won’t take us long to completely forget what human touch feels like. Companionship might start seeming like an alien concept and needing assistance from strangers will become more essential.

The elderly community along with the physically, mentally and socially incompatible people need all the help they can to lead a regular life.

And that is why we need Personal Support Workers now more than ever. Colleges of Toronto, Canada offer programs that have been meticulously planned to turn amateurs into professionals with a wide range of skill set.

Students are trained to be compassionate towards the patients and provide them with a safe and comfortable environment. The skill set is developed in such a way that it grows into true sensitivity. Personal care workers make a big difference, positively, in the life of so many people that they could be called heroes and it wouldn’t be an understatement.

Here are a set of job titles that have been listed under the personal support worker:

  1. Health Care Aide

Generally, when a job with the title Health Care Aide is sent out, it should belong to a hospital, nursing home, or convalescent home (recovery home). The duties to be full filled will be those of ADL i.e. Assisted Daily Living, including tasks like feeding, bathing, dressing and grooming the patient.

To work in health care aide the applicant should have a valid degree from any of the colleges of Toronto, Canada.

  1. Perioperative Support Assistant

What most might not know is that working as a perioperative support assistant can be very rewarding. To be able to work under registered nurses, registered practical nurses, and a doctor of medicine (MD) can give the applicant a lot of experience.

Along with having a personal support worker diploma the candidates should have basic life support knowledge, sterile techniques, and the basic knowledge of WHIMS and MSDS.

The duties may include:

  • Assisting with specialized surgical dressings

  • Assisting with changing the position of the patient before, during, and after the surgery

  • Transporting blood work and specimens

  • Transferring patients from their units to the operating room and back

  1. Personal Care Aide

Jobs posted under the title of personal care aide mostly involve taking care of elderly people or patients who have developmental disabilities at home. Making sure that the patient is safe at all times is one of the major tasks followed by feeding them, transferring them from the bed to a chair, helping with ADL, and light house-keeping.

To apply for such a job the candidate must have First Aid and Health Care Aide certificates along with a PSW degree, that can be achieved at the colleges of Toronto, Canada.

  1. Continuing Care Assistant

Institutions that hire healthcare personnel often put off job advertisements for continuing care assistants. Hands-on care is delivered to the patients under the supervision of the RNs and RPNs. They oversee the ADL activities.

  1. Healthcare Assistant

A healthcare assistant can be hired to work in both, long-term care facilities and private residences. The job type stays casual and will have to work in coordination with the staff members to help the patients psychologically, socially and physically.

Just having a degree might not be enough here as the candidate will need:

  • Efficient communication skills

  • The ability to work in a team

  • Proper past employment experience

  1. Home Support Worker

An individual within the community requiring assistance with a patient will put out job applications under the title of the home support worker, looking for candidates that have graduated from colleges of Toronto, Canada. The candidate will have to provide the basic ADL services to the patient the private residence. Having a PSW certificate or an equivalent work experience along with reference can get you the job.

  1. Patient Care Assistant

Hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics are the most common places that hire patient care assistants. For patients that need active short-term care for severe injuries or illness and need urgent medication the patient care assistant will work under the supervision of a regulated healthcare provider.

A diploma in PSW will be required to get a job as a patient care assistant.

  1. Companion Driver

Private residences hire candidates that can assist terminally ill patients, the elderly, and help patients in their journey to recovery. Regular PSW activities like light house-keeping, grocery shopping, and general companionship will be performed by the companion driver.

Since the job doesn’t require technical medical assistance, the candidate need not possess a PSW certificate or have any advanced knowledge related to PSW. The only job will be to provide companionship to the patient.

  1. Community Support Worker

    Patient Care Assistant

Healthcare providers list jobs under the title of community support workers to be able to find candidates that hold PSW certificate and have experience dealing with difficult patients. The duties that will need to be followed will be the regular ADL support including:

  • Preparing meals
  • Emotional, cognitive and social support

  • Lifting and transferring patients


  1. Unregulated Care Provider

Since there is no official body that handles the regularities of personal support workers, in spite of colleges of Toronto, Canada having full-fledged courses, a lot of employers list the job under Unregulated Care Provider. Chronic care facilities, elderly care facilities, and senior citizen homes list jobs under this title and hire candidates who hold a legit certificate and have apt experience in dealing with people that most often are difficult to attend to.

  1. Homemaker

The name suggests the very obvious. The candidate will be working at the private residence as a casual or a part-time employee. Assisting the elderly and providing care to patients whose abilities have been impaired, physically or otherwise is the only job description. The standard PSW type of tasks will need to be performed.

  1. Home At Last Attendant

A title like so can be found through community care and home care organizations. The first set of responsibilities to be fulfilled by the candidate will be assisting the patients with the discharge procedure at the hospital and then escort them home. Other duties include risk analysis of the living space, meal preparations, personal care and more.

Experience of working with the elderly is a must but a PSW certificate is not mandatory.

  1. Companion Aides

Non-profit organizations use the title companion aides giving responsibilities like:

  • Planning and preparing meals

  • Respite relief care

  • To report changes in the medical situation of the patient to the supervisor

  • Preparing customized diets

  1. Jobs after PSW course in College in TorontoHome Health and Personal Care Advisor

Simple tasks like buying groceries, driving the patient to appointments, organizing and maintaining schedules along with providing companionship are included. A PSW certificate is not mandatory for the job but some employers could ask for one. Various employment agencies provide listings under this title and can help with further details.

  1. Support Services Attendant

Community-based rehabilitation centres and some advocacy organizations use the support services attendant as a job title. Mostly non-medical PSW responsibilities are given:

  • Motion Exercises

  • Lifting and moving the patient

  • Making healthy meals

  • Procedures that are related to bowel and bladder

Along with a certificate the candidate from any of the colleges of Toronto, Canada is supposed to have experience and knowledge of exercises and a basic procedural idea of the bowel and bladder.

  1. Resident Assistant

The title of the resident assistant is for jobs that require working with the elderly living in a long-term care facility. Duties that are included in the job description along with the regulated PSW services.

  • Taking care of the patients’ mobility
  • Providing incontinence care

  • Maintaining reports

  • Providing dining support services

  1. Team Attendant

Often acute care hospitals list jobs under the title of team attendant. To provide a high level of care to the patients a team is formed which divides various tasks like portering services, stocking and maintaining supplies along with managing the general housekeeping tasks. Employers prefer candidates that have achieved their certificate from a prestigious institute and have had the experience of working on surgical suites.

No matter what title is given to the personal support workers, in the end, they all just want to make their patients lives better. The healthcare industry is constantly trying to improve the quality of life for the patients and their family.

If you’re considering getting enrolled in any of the colleges of Toronto, Canada after looking at the scope that personal support workers have, contact us at Toronto International Business College, Canada. Our program is specifically designed to cater to students who are naturally caring and can provide the best support to their patients.