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As a student of Toronto International Business College, you can join a wide range of clubs, make new friends and share experiences that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. We also help you to settle down in the campus. Education, here, is centered around an internationally-renowned teaching system We follow the tradition of bringing the brightest minds from around the world to share their ideas. Toronto International Business College gives a platform to curious students to meet the best scholars and teachers from around the world, and crucially find the thinking space to question what they are taught.

Student Services

We understand that getting enrolled in a college is exciting as well as challenging. During your studies at the Toronto International Business College, there may be times when you need some help and advice. The college offers support to ensure that your experience as a TIBC student is successful and fulfilling, on both an academic and a personal level.

TIBC takes care of the following aspects during the tenure of a student in the college:

  • Beneficiary counseling for mental health
  • Expert lectures on life and well-being
  • International and immigration advice
  • Advice on money and finances
  • Assistance to the students with academic issues

Career Services

Careers, internships & employment staff at Toronto International Business College are qualified and experienced career consultants and recruitment specialists. We help students with all aspects of career decision making and the humongous task of searching for a job. Our online and print resources also serve as an essential guide to your career and program choices.

Besides this, we also provide practical support and advice to the employers undertaking graduate recruitment to advertise and promote internships and job opportunities. We continuously invest in new and existing amenities, training and technology. We also help you to write a strong CV or application which is an important key to clear an interview.

Alumni Services

You leave TIBC, but TIBC never leaves you.

Toronto International Business College alumni receive ongoing support through:

  • Ongoing access to job postings, internships, and placements
  • Professional networking and peer support groups
  • Professional development workshops
  • Individualized career counseling

Besides these, as a part of the alumni services, you can also avail certain benefits like:

  1. Networking opportunities: The alumni association at TIBC aims to support a network of former graduates who help to raise the profile of the college. The alumni programs are open to all graduates and this brings together like-minded individuals and offer a broad networking scope.
  2. Career building tools: Our alumni associations offer a variety of career services. These range from the job fairs to resume workshops, job postings, and online resources for job seekers.
  3. Other Benefits: We host special alumni social events occasionally to make our students feel that they are connected to the college after their graduation.

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